How to Return Publisher Samples
Oklahoma Educational Publishers Associations

Review samples sent to schools are the property of the publisher.  You are welcome to keep them at no charge, however they cannot be sold to used-book companies under any circumstances.

Samples not adopted by the school district may be returned to the appropriate depository by calling either Archway at 405-681-9588 ext. 3945 or Thompson School Book at 800-456-2828 or 405-525-9458.  They will arrange your return at NO CHARGE to the school district.

You may access the publisher directory on this website to determine which depository to call for the samples you are returning.  You will have to split your return for each depository.  In addition, any complimentary teacher materials or free-with-order materials you do not want or need may also be returned to the depositories at NO CHARGE to the school district.


How to order Publisher Samples

Policies Regarding Publisher Samples

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